Top 50 PUBG Tips and Tricks that make you the Master of PUBG

Here are 50 uncommon tips and tricks of PUBG for both beginners and those still mastering PUBG. Some tips and hacks to help you last longer in the game and some tactics and strategy advice for handling weapons and equipment, with gameplay and system settings guides as well.

If you are a beginner in this game (PUBG) let me tell you one thing, this game is not like any other game you have played till now. The concept is unique and the person with the most skills and the fastest brain is going to survive to beat all the other 99 players.

So, here are some uncommon, major macro strategies of PUBG.

1. Always take Shotgun over AWM.

2. Use the earphone.

3. Use Shotgun with iron sight at long range it goes till 6969m.

4. Drop on the waters, no one would expect you to be there.

5. Start shooting from long distances.

6. Move while you shoot, if your enemy is still far and you use a rifle, change to single and just need red dot or 4X.

7. Don't focus on the win but focus on how to defeat your enemy in every single situation.

8. Hide under TGE bridge.

9. Play in a girl's avatar.

10. Don't team up with girl avatar players.

11. Always learn from your mistakes.

12. Kill first, Die last.

13. Don't go alone anywhere.

14. Don't kill your own teammates.

15. Stay low when you can. When I loot buildings I usually stay crouched.

16. Never ever stay in the same place, especially when you shot.

17. Don't go for the drop box in squad match. It's a trap. You should only go if you are playing solo.

18. Do training at least 30 minutes a day. It will help you a lot.

19. Don't play solo in a squad game.

20. Don't unnecessarily shoot and reveal your location during the last minutes of the match.

21. Never wear Shoes.

22. Make sure you have strong guns and lots of ammo and medkits and energy drinks.

23. Make sure you have a good button set up.

24. Be sure to turn on your DND mode before entering a match. Trust me, you have become the most important person in the world while you're engaged in close combat.

25. Use headphones while playing.

26. Buy a PUBG trigger.

27. Hide until few enemies left.

28. Don't be scared to fight people and start camping in-house. You can only get better if you fight. When you see shots on the map, run towards it, not away from it.

29. Survive in any condition.

30. If you want to rank push, jump at the last moment and travel as much as the distance you can, you need to come top 10 for season point.

31. Don't try to revive your friend at the last moment.

32. VSS bullets travel slower than the speed of sound.

33. You better carry smoke grenades with you.

34. Have a pair of painkillers.

35. Land near the plane's route, you will get better at the game.

36. Take your shoes off while running. It reduces noise when you're sneaking up on people.

37. If you bad at aiming then take SKS or min 14 instead of KAR98, and when you are in Pochinki take Shotgun for close range.

38. Take off your clothes in a small circle, if you wearing the red T-shirt then they can easily found.

39. Get good headphones and mice and always look on the minimap for gunshot or footsteps.

40. Carry supply (Smoke, Bomb, Molotov, Frag Bomb etc) with you. Also, gun extensions are importance. 

41. Change your angles while shooting long range.

42. Be aware of your surroundings always.

43. Walk zig-zag when moving in open ground. 

44. If you want to run fast, drink 3 energy drinks.

45. Use your brain to take out some tricks. 

46. Remove backpack if the safe zone is small.

47. Dress and act like a bot, so just in case players mistake you for a bot they take it easy and maybe use a Melee weapon then shoot all of them or suicide attack with a frag.

48. Use AKM with compensator.

49. Block the bridge with your squad and kill the enemy.

50. Us smoke while reviving teammate's if in an open area.
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